The Top Posts from the PUSH Blog

There is a lot to digest in all of the 221 posts that have been imported from the PUSH Blog site.  Here is a summary of the top ones according to the built in stat counter and Google Analytics.

1.  Bob Mason’s Letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

State President Bob Mason’s letter to the editor on June 17th criticizing the PA Dept of Public Welfare for cutting medical care for newborns.



2. Special Screening of Tony Buba Documentary on Braddock Hospital Closing

A post to announce the special screening of Tony Buba’s documentary on the closing of Braddock hospital (We are Alive) with a video by Mike Stout.

3.  An Explanation of Washington Post Graphs on the Cost of Procedures

A post explaining a series of graphs from the Washington Post on the costs of various medical procedures in the US and in other industrialized countries such as the one on the left showing the cost of angiograms.






4.  Santorum: No One Has Ever Died Because They Didn’t Have Health Care | The New Civil Rights Movement

This post was a response to Former Senator Rick Santorum’s claiming on the campaign trail in Iowa that no one has ever died from lack of access to healthcare.

5. Healthy Artists Video on Bicyclists Injury

Julie Sokolow made a video for Healthy Artists on how the Affordable Care Act has helped an injured bicyclist.

6. A 1993 Clinton Memo on Talking Points to Single Payer Advocates

A memo was released by the Clinton Presidential Library instructing their people on how to talk to single payer activists.

7. Video of Dr. Gerald Friedman’s Talk on Single Payer Health Care for PA in Pittsburgh

A posting of the talk that Dr. Friedman gave in Pittsburgh on the economic impact study.

8. CBS This Morning Report on UPMC

A post presenting the CBS expose of UPMC.

9. If Vermont Won’t Have Single Payer What Will it Have?

This post is a discussion of the nature of Vermont’s single payer plan to be implemented in 2017.

10. New Time Magazine Article on Healthcare Costs with Stewart Discussion

A presentation of Steven Brill’s first discussion of the high costs of health care in the US on The Daily Show.