Talking Points: The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan


  •  Elimination of co-pays, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and networks
  • Gives citizens the freedom and flexibility to choose their health care providers
  • Provides comprehensive coverage
  • Preserves the private practice of medicine
  • Health care providers would have autonomy over patient care.
  • Elimination of premiums; replaced by a 3% tax on adjusted gross income
  • Businesses will pay a 10% tax on payroll, (most businesses pay far more for employee health benefits).
  • Businesses will benefit from Lower costs for Worker’s Comp, Vehicle Insurance and Liability Insurance due to removal of medical component.
  •  Removal of retiree healthcare costs from businesses, municipalities and school districts
  • Savings realized from replacing our less than efficient, confusing multipayer system with a streamlined single payer system will help support the plan.