PA Single Payer Legislation: Pennsylvania Health Care Plan

Our bill,providing for a Statewide comprehensive health care system, has been introduced every legislative session since 2007.

Senator Jim Ferlo re-introduced Senate Bill 400 on March 19, 2013, providing for a privately delivered, publicly funded, single payer healthcare for every citizen of Pennsylvania; The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan. We anticipate that the bill will be introduced early in the next legislative session. With sufficient demand from their constituencies, legislators will vote for this fiscally responsible plan.
Read Senate Bill 400 here. Read  his press release and watch his press conference here.  Then contact your state legislators and ask them to support this effort.  Though this is the most fiscally responsible approach to providing healthcare, the bills will not pass until we, the people, tell our legislators that we demand civilized healthcare.
Click here for your legislators’ contact information.