Individual & Family Savings Calculator

And here’s just some of what you would receive under the HealthCare4AllPA Plan:

  • All medically necessary services – as determined by your doctor – are covered 100% (no co-pays, no deductibles, etc.). This includes medical equipment, such as hearing aids, dental, vision, mental health, and long term care
  • Coverage for life for you and your entire family; and no longer dependent on employment
  • Freedom to choose your doctor, other health care provider and hospital
  • Reduced auto insurance because the need for medical coverage is eliminated
  • Potential reduction in state and local taxes because all units of government save the cost of health care for employees and retirees
  • The wonderful feeling of security that you, your family, your relatives and your friends are covered

Now, we’re sure you have questions. Good. You should because this is important stuff. So to find out more head to our FAQ page.