Bankruptcy Rates as an Indication of the Rate of Underinsured

by Paul Ricci  

HEALTHCARE 4 ALL PA-PUSH – Southwestern PA chapter of Healthcare 4 all PA

In my post on the Gallup polls on improvements in the uninsured rates.  I speculated that looking at the rates of medical bankruptcies would provide an indication of the number of underinsured in the US as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Data on the number of bankruptcies is available from American Bankruptcy Institute which distinguishes between the number of business and individual bankruptcies each year by state.  The reasons for individual bankruptcies is not given.  Research by PNHP has been done prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act showing that medical bankruptcies account for 62.1% of all personal bankruptcies.  I have not found recent data on medical bankruptcies (filers or court records would have to be surveyed which is difficult to do) but I can look at overall individual bankruptcy rates in recent years.  Read the full article