Articles from Our Doctors

Read the stories and reasoning from health care professionals working with us, which highlight the urgent need for single payer in Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan: Negotiating Drug Pricing for a Safer, Healthier Pennsylvania

Dr Tyson,a founding member of Healthcare4AllPA and a current Board member, spoke at Public Citizen’s Mylan-Epipen Protest at the company’s Canonsburg, PA headquarters.

“Skin in the Game” Can Kill

Dr. Davidson is a Cardiologist and a HealthCare4AllPA member.

Insights from the Free Clinic

William R. Davidson, Jr., M. D., a founding member of Health Care 4 All PA as well as a member of Physicians for a National Health Program, speaks of a thyroid patient of his and what she faced when she no longer had health insurance.

Underinsurance is the New Norm

Dwight Michael M.D., a family physician who is a member of Gettysburg Area Democracy for America’s healthcare task force and a board member of Healthcare 4 All Pa, shines a spotlight on the critical issue of those who remain underinsured, reinforcing the need for single payer.