Statement of Healthcare for All Pennsylvania on the 2016 Elections

The Board of Directors of Health Care 4 All PA is alarmed by the racism, misogyny , homophobia, Islamaphobia, and anti-immigrant rhetoric that have been deemed acceptable and were exploited during the election.  We have committed ourselves to stand with other groups confronting hate speech and hate crimes.  This reprehensible behavior threatens to tear apart the social fabric and to weaken our democracy. 

We also believe that out of crisis comes opportunity.  With this rich tradition – borne out of Philadelphia 1776 and 1787 – in mind, last week’s national and Pennsylvania state election results offer potential new opportunities to advance the Single Payer movement, for reasons, perhaps, no one could imagine prior to November 8th.

For one, any rollbacks of the Affordable Care Act by the new congress and president will bring greater pressure on the state to expand existing coverage and replace lost coverage.

Two, that’s where PA House Bill 1688 rises up as the only solution that promises comprehensive, quality, patient-centered healthcare at a reduced cost with economic growth in jobs, business competitiveness, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Three, for a state that suffers increasingly from cuts in healthcare, education and other social services, while our debt grows and the super-wealthy get tax cuts and corporate welfare, HB 1688 offers a remarkable win-win opportunity to reverse course on our $135 billion healthcare economy: cheaper, better, healthcare for all.

Pennsylvania is still poised to lead the country and to model a solution for other states and, ultimately, the nation to embrace a uniquely American answer during a time of political crisis – but a crisis rich with opportunity to prove our determination to take back our healthcare system on behalf of all of our citizens.

Onward to the Single Payer Solution!