Let’s Talk Money, Let’s Talk Budgets, Let’s Talk Winning Elections

This is the transcript of a speech given on 2017 February 18 by Healthcare 4 All PA Board Member Cindy Purvis at the Keystone Progressive Summit.

Pennsylvania has 501 public school districts. Let me talk about just one, The city of Erie School District which is begging our Governor & state legislators to save them with the $31.7 million they need. It has 4 high schools. Next year they may have to close all 4 and send their students to suburban & rural schools to be educated. If in 2012 PA has adopted a Single Payer Health Care System that school district would have saved over 13 million on employee health care costs. This year they would save over $16 million.

So now let’s talk about trickle down. If this school district had an extra $16 million per year it could recover financially to rehire teachers, repair & update buildings, and in a few short years reduce taxes for its taxpayers.

The City of Erie under this Single Payer system would save over $6 million annually which would allow it to hire a Planning Director, more police officers and provide the training they need, repair infrastructure, and work on removing lead from too many older buildings that continues to permanently damage the brains of our children.

The citizens who have the means to, will no longer have the reason to leave the city to get relief from high property taxes, to give their children a good education, and be protected by ample and trained police force that respects all of our citizens.

Small Mom & Pop businesses that are the lifeblood of our cities will be finally be able to afford health care for themselves & their families, but will be able to attract a better educated workforce.

The end result of enacting The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan is that we will finally have the freedom to choose our doctors, our hospitals, and other providers.  It will give relief to the taxpayers, to the business owners; it will save our educational system, and of course finally give comprehensive health care to all.

So how do our candidates win in this very divisive political climate? Citizens on both sides of the isle and those who have stopped voting in disgust as they perceive no elected official want to stand up for them and their families have sent us a clear message. They have said it so loud that it is deafening……We don’t want more of the same! We don’t want policy wonks who want to work around the edges. They have told us…….. now they have showed us. They want their elected officials to be bold, to roll up their sleeves and take on Goliath if necessary in order to make a future for them and their families. So who do you think will win in 2018 when we elect members to Congress, to the PA House & Senate, and to the Governor’s seat? Yes it will be those who can show they have the broad shoulders, a steel stomach, and determination to solve our current, expensive and disastrous for too many people, health care system.