It’s not just us who believe that single payer is the one true way to provide universal coverage. Here are just a few articles that reveal how other people around the state – and around the nation – are agreeing with us.

The Best, Most Revealing Reporting on Our Healthcare System

June 2012. Authors Blair Hickman and Cora Currier put together a collection of excellent background articles to get you started on understanding where our current system is and why we need single payer.

Better Care At A Lower Cost

June 2013. Dave Steil, a small business owner, former Republican state legislator and past president of Health Care for All PA offers up an op-ed piece, first published in the Bucks County Courier Times, in which he lays out why single payer is good for business.

Single-Payer Health Care Is Coming To America-Are We Ready?

February 2012. Single payer gets a huge shout-out from two of the unlikeliest of sources: a CEO and chairman of a major private health care company, as well as a contributing columnist in a well-known conservative publication.