A 1993 Clinton Memo on Talking Points to Single Payer Advocates

The Clinton Presidential Library has released memos from 1993 which gave instructions on how members of the administration should talk to single payer advocates “to bring them into the fold” on the 1993 reform bill.  Here is a snippet of the advice on how administration officials were advised to talk to Congressman Jim McDermott.

“As with all Members, and particularly Congressman McDermott, the goal at this meeting is to make him feel we are listening to him and desirous of his guidance. In this vein, you should consider throwing anything he throws at you as a complication right back at him with a question. Then, if you have concerns about his suggested approach, you can address it with him directly. (This way, you don’t allow him the opportunity to pick apart anything before you have had a chance to hear and analyze his alternatives).”

The full document can be read here.

Here is a Daily Show Clip on talking points for the masses on healthcare vs. reality.  The state page has a new page on where the candidates for Governor of Pennsylvania stand on single payer.


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