April 7, 2014  

Letter Campaign to Kathleen Kane

Under the direction of our treasurer, Cindy Purvis, HC4A has begun a letter writing campaign to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane. In order to stand in solidarity with the individuals and unions trying to fend off exclusions from UPMC and Highmark, we are asking for your help! 


Feel free to use your own words or to borrow Cindy’s.


To file an official complaint form click: here!

“Celebrating the New Economy” Conference


On March 21st/22nd, Pittsburgh hosted its 1st annual “Celebrating the New Economy” Conference at Carnegie Mellon University. HC4A’s Ninamary Langsdale and Molly Rush were two key organizers of the event, which centered on remedying economic inequality in America.


On the second day of the conference, a handful of our members conducted a workshop on single payer healthcare. Key features included: Bob Mason discussing the history of single payer healthcare and its ability to foster social and economic justice, Julie Sokolow screening excerpts from the Healthy Artists documentary series and Paul Ricci presenting an animated statistical comparing the cost of healthcare in various countries to the longevity of their citizens.

Partnership with Put People First PA!


Pardon the alliteration, but this month HC4A and Put People First PA (PPF, as we like to call them) took another step towards foraging a partnership. On March 21st, we met with PPF at a coffee shop in Philadelphia to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of our organizations and how to best compliment one another.  


Put People First PA is a human rights organization that has voted to make health care its first priority. As we all know, a single payer system would expand healthcare access to every Pennsylvanian — making it a right that all would enjoy! We’re trying to rally their organization’s community organizing/advocacy efforts around our bill!  


To find out when PPF will be rallying like-minded people near you, visit their website

Young Democrats for single payer!


On March 22nd, Will Ferrell and Elizabeth Sierminski gave a presentation on single payer healthcare to the board of Pennsylvania Young Democrats. The whole room brushed aside our efforts to talk about the benefits a single payer healthcare system would bring to Pennsylvania and where this next step in reform could fit in with the Affordable Care Act… because they were more interested in finding out how they could help make it happen! 


We cannot wait for this new regime of democrats to take office! 


Reminder! Bob Mason running half marathon
Last month, we profiled our new president, Bob Mason, in order to spotlight the half marathon that he will be running in May to raise money for HealthCare4ALLPA. Thirteen miles is an awful lot of running and we are hoping that you will help us make it worth his while!

To donate, please go to: http://www.healthcare4allpa.org/donate/

The Pennsylvania People’s Campaign

As you may have heard, our favorite Democratic gubernatorial candidate, John Hanger, has withdrawn. Spirit for the issues that he supported — single payer included — will live on, however. John has put together a group called “The Pennsylvania  
People’s Campaign” to act as a vehicle through which his supporters can continue to press his progressive political agenda.
As stated by our Rosie Skomitz, “John Hanger boldly championed single payer health care in PA. Obviously, this attracted us to the Hanger campaign. It was the first time in all our years working for single payer in PA that a gubernatorial candidate or governor had the guts and the courage of his convictions to publicly and proudly espouse single payer. But John was not a single issue candidate. His strong support for public education and his recognition that charter/cyber-charter schools were really a veiled attempt to privatize public education indicated to us his deep understanding of the issue. And, of course, he has dramatically changed the discussion on the issue of marijuana reform, pulling the other candidates to eventually adopt some or all of his 3-step reform program.”

You can follow the Pennsylvania People’s Campaign by going to: http://peoplescampaign.blogspot.com/

Member Spotlight:
Rosie Skomitz and Ron Stouffer

Many HC4A members supported John Hanger’s campaign efforts; but none more so than Rosie Skomitz and Ron Stouffer. Ron and Rosie are a married couple residing in Berks County. Rosie is a retired public school teacher and Ron is a retired teacher and insurance/financial sales representative. Both have been very active supporters of HealthCare4ALLPA for seven years. Their political clout has been instrumental to our efforts.

Both Ron and Rosie were elected four years ago as members of the Democratic State Committee, and Rosie is a candidate for re-election to State Committee in the May 20th primary election. This winter/spring Ron and Rosie served with a few others as volunteer Berks County Coordinators for the John Hanger for Governor campaign. They personally gathered over 100 petition signatures for John Hanger and Berks County successfully met the requirement of 200 signatures needed in order to qualify as a county that met the state election code requirement of 200 signatures from at least 10 counties in a gubernatorial election.

Ron and Rosie continue as volunteers for Brad Koplinski for Lt. Governor. Brad Koplinski has been an extremely vocal supporter of single payer and, as stated by Ron and Rosie, “he is smart, energetic, and understands all the issues out there, we will actively support and campaign for [him].”



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